Roland Martin addresses Michael Rosfeld verdict: "Dammit you’re wrong for firing shots at somebody running away"

Famed political journalist Roland Martin addressed the Michael Rosfeld not guilty verdict on his Monday, March 25 episode of “Roland Martin Unfiltered.” In the video below, he begins at the 28 minute mark discussing the not guilty verdict, which was rendered on Friday, March 22. He then speaks about the 1,500 students who marched through the streets of Downtown Pittsburgh, before bringing on guests Rob Taylor Jr. of the New Pittsburgh Courier, Robert Patillo II, Julianne Malveaux and Michael Brown.

During the seven-minute segment, Martin also says that “every police department should have body cameras,” while Malveaux said that jury foreman Jesse Rawls Sr. was “doing his Mr. Bojangles thing on camera,” during an interview days after the verdict was read. 



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