Rodman Street MBC hosts its 2019 Men’s Revival

You know what time it is! Time for some Madness! Also known as the Rodman Street Missionary Baptist Church March Madness 2019 Men’s Revival! It began on March 11, where an event entitled, “Faith, Family, Football” was held at the church. It was a roundtable with professional players and coaches. On March 18, Dr. Alex Ellis was the guest speaker, and this past Monday, March 25, the revival concluded with the Senior Pastor of Rodman, Rev. Dr. Darryl T. Canady, as the speaker.

Reverend Ronald Simmons, with Rodman, said during the March 11 event that it’s important to have faith because, “at some point in your life, you come to the end of you. And if you don’t have someone to look up to or something to look up to that is real and bigger than you, you’re not going to make it.”

Pat Green, chairman of the Rodman trustee board, added that “we as Black men, we can go further with faith and God, as opposed to not having faith. If you have faith in God, you can do a lot more things. It allows you to have the ability to step out on that faith and do some things you probably wouldn’t do.”

Dante Thomas, who is 10 years old, told the New Pittsburgh Courier that faith is very important, because, “if you don’t have faith in yourself, then you can’t accomplish anything.”



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