Charles ‘Buddy” Allie, still The Greatest of All Time!!! (June 19)


by Bill Neal, For New Pittsburgh Courier

:10—Charles “Buddy” Allie, the greatest of all-time! A young Black man from humble beginnings…an even more humble personality (until it’s showtime), a wanting and willingness to help others…and most importantly a desire to be the greatest.

:09—Here then is the greatness we speak of. Recently voted the Athlete of the Year in the USA World Masters Track and Field competition. By the way, did I mention Mr. Allie is 70 years old! (and remember, it’s a title he’s held four previous times!)

:08—OK. Stop…Hold it right there before you do what you do. If you’re 70 or 17, the statistical computerized facts are that all things being relative, the times for Masters athletes are highly comparable and surprisingly close to current runners.

:07—That being said and given that “you” can’t outrun your own shadow, shut up and pay attention!! This, my friends, is the stuff legends are made of.

:06—Here’s the facts: Allie owns the 400m world record, owns the world record for the 200m indoor and outdoor, owns the world record for the 100m indoor and outdoor. And, for the record, owns two corvettes and they’re fast, too.

:05—And, here’s this, in case you’re still not sure of the magnitude of which I speak. He has competed across the United States, as well as Spain, Italy, England, France, Puerto Rico and Australia…just to name a few places in the world his fast feet have taken him.

:04—Need more? Man, this is a tough crowd. How about this. Allie is a member of the USATF Masters Hall of Fame. That, boys and girls, are the world’s “Best of the Best.” So much greatness in that circle that Buddy was once recognized and honored by the great world champion Usain Bolt!

:03—While we have a moment here, allow me to recount an event that happened at a track meet in New York this past March. Evidence that he’s human. Allie, at age 70, was beat at the wire and just barely. That’s not the remarkable part to the story—the fact that the guy that beat him needed all he had to win. Turns out the man that beat him by a step was only 25 years old…Holler!!!

:02—Needless to say, the unprecedented and historical success Charles Allie enjoys is combined with the blessing of good health, no injuries, continuous training, healthy eating and without question a God-given talent second to none. Nothing else to say but “Run Buddy Run!”

:01—Charles “Buddy” Allie will be the guest speaker at this year’s 45th Annual Willie “Pops” Stargell Pittsburgh MVP Awards—June 22 at Sugar and Smoke Restaurant in Bloomfield, at noon.



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