McCutchen suffered season-ending injury that should never be applauded (June 19)

by Aubrey Bruce, For New Pittsburgh Courier

There are a few things that totally reside at the opposite ends of the spectrum. For example, the north and south poles, old faithful and the Arctic Circle, the Pacific Ocean and the Sahara Desert. Science tells us that there have been times that all of these elements have been more closely aligned than we could ever imagine.

One is Mojo Karma, otherwise known as, “the magic of getting even.” I am convinced that even the Gods of competition like to occasionally see little men win big prizes in the world of sports.

Earlier this month, former Pittsburgh Pirate, San Francisco Giant, New York Yankee and current Philadelphia Phillie, Andrew McCutchen, suffered a season-ending knee injury. At the time of the injury McCutchen was hitting .256 with 10 home runs and 29 RBI and was well above average defensively in center field during the first two months of the season. He had also inked a $50 million, three-year deal with the ballclub after the 2018 season ended.

A few weeks ago I was riding home with a friend that decided to put on some sports radio, and boy…you wouldn’t believe what I heard. The first talking head, or should I say “talking dead,” represented a new definition for the term “knucklehead.”

“What bad things do you have to say about the ownership of the Pirates now?” he gushed. “Everyone was griping about them allowing McCutchen to get away. He went to San Fran, they got rid of him. Shipped him off to the Yankees, they sent him on his way. He landed on the Phillies’ doorstep and they invited him to come to work for $50 million. Man, how stupid could the Phillies’ owners have been? He was getting old when he left Pittsburgh. He had never really suffered a serious injury with the Pirates, so you know he was due.”

OK, that might be partially true, but with McCutchen being an almost-everyday player and avoiding serious injuries while he was here, maybe the law of averages did dictate that it was now his turn to face the “grim reaper” of the injury world. But for this moron to almost relish the fact that it was good that the Pirates were better off that the injury occurred after McCutchen had left them was sheer lunacy.

There is a curse lingering in the air. Come with me to the dark alleys in the New Orleans French Quarter. Ex-Pirate Barry Bonds was always pretty close to at least competing for a ring in Pittsburgh but Bonds, like many Pirates of the past, exited the Steel City, stage left for more paper.

After Cutch landed in San Fran, he was peddled off to the Yankees on Aug. 31, 2018 when the Yankees were chasing the American League pennant. The Phillies snatched up McCutchen because they were also were trying to win. The Pirates allowed him to exit because they wanted to get paid, too, just like Bonds.

There’s some bad karma in the air. Grab hold of your rabbit’s foot and your horseshoes. Things are about to get crazy.


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