How do we, or our White friends, respond (July 3)

by Louis ‘Hop’ Kendrick, For New Pittsburgh Courier

This week’s column is the direct result of a number of letters written by former vice president Joe Biden. He was the vice president to the first Black president of the United States, Barack Obama, and these letters were never mentioned or reported on. However, Biden now is a candidate to run for president on the Democratic ticket.

Why are these letters so significant? These letters were written in support of some of the most racist persons in the history of America, those who would make the KKK look like boy scouts. The chairwoman of the U.S. Congress attempted to justify the writing of these letters of support by stating we are all friends in Congress and we reach out to work with each other regardless of the party. I have always known that these merchants of hate and racism were friends, not Democrats or Republicans.

A perfect example occurred when I was employed in the Allegheny County district attorney’s office and the district attorney was a Republican. A top-ranking police officer was arrested for accepting $10,000 monthly that he gave to the local Democratic Party, money that provided one numbers boss total control of numbers in the Hill District. The officer was indicted and the Republican district attorney postponed the trial every time it was posted.

One day, a call came that the trial would take place this day and we went to the judge’s chamber. Upon entering a local defense attorney almost knocked us out the way shouting, “Your honor, your honor, this case should be dismissed because of the statute of limitations.” The judge never looked up. He said, “CASE DISMISSED.”

A perfect example of two parties being one.

President Franklin Roosevelt, the messiah to colored folks, refused to declare LYNCHING a federal violation and stated these southern folks are my friends and they can solve their own problems.

The compelling question is, what do Blacks and our White friends say? Our White friend is in a conversation and a White person says, “ni__ers are animals, I am so happy they don’t live in our neighborhood or associate with our children.” They used to say let the monkeys have the dope.

Black brothers and sisters who are appointed, anointed, elected or totally supported by grants, what do they say? Religious leaders allegedly serve God, but salaries are paid by man. These men who signed the checks are too often confused, they are confused by failing to understand their primary responsibility is to worship God, not the person in the pulpit. It is imperative that the BLACK CHURCH MUST RISE AGAIN. Those persons who are appointed leaders serve at the mercy of those who do the appointing, so they simply say, “consider it done boss, is my check ready.” An elected leader spoke at a public meeting and pointed his finger at me and said, “I SERVE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY FIRST” and then my constituents.

I still remember that six months ago, Governor Wolf, on public television, made the statement that he had just been made aware of the fact that minorities were shut out when state contracts were awarded. There were some colored officials who got angry when I simply asked the question, where were the members of the Black Caucus?

As you read this column, whatever category you find yourself in, answer the question…WHAT DO YOU SAY?

(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a contributor to the New Pittsburgh Courier.)


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