I’m retired—sort of (July 3)

by Debbie Norrell, For New Pittsburgh Courier

It’s official. I have retired from my day job. Yes, that job that some people didn’t know that I had. For 19 years I have worked in the financial technology world that is now referred to as a “fintech.” In between my radio and communications jobs I have more than 35 years of experience in the banking/debit card industry.

The past 19 years have been pretty sweet as an employee of US Bank. I worked in a division called Elan Financial Services, which serviced the ATM and debit card industry. I worked with great people and I enjoyed what I did. For a portion of the 19 years I was a client trainer, this position gave me the opportunity to use my presentation and speaking skills. The debit card industry is a very interesting business and I have loved sharing helpful stories with you. In late 2018 Elan Financial Services was sold to Fiserv and in March I became a Fiserv employee.

One thing I have not said here is I have been dreaming of retirement since I turned 60 and then when I became full retirement age the plans went into motion. I have watched people work past the ages of 70 and 80. Some of those people really love what they do and wouldn’t have it any other way. Others say they cannot afford to retire and that they have to help their children and grandchildren. I knew of one person that would not retire because their spouse had retired and they did not want to be at home with their spouse all day. That, I thought, was funny and tragic. Here you have contributed to a home and worked for a great portion of your life and now you can’t take your retirement because you don’t want to be with the person you’re married to. To me it sounds like there is a lot more to consider there. I don’t have the spouse, kids or grandkids and I am excited about getting some “me time” while I am still able to enjoy it.

Yes I will still work for the New Pittsburgh Courier but I will also travel and begin some projects that I have been putting off for a long time. I’m not going to announce any of the projects until they are actually underway or complete. After all that’s what retirement…or should I say repurposing…is about, doing what you want and if you don’t want to do it then that is OK also.

One thing that I will announce is I plan to take more pictures, take some photography classes read some of the books on photography that I have acquired and buy another camera. I really love taking pictures. It is something my dad used to enjoy and taking pictures gives me that connection to my dad. If you are a youngster by that I mean younger than 60 you can still plan for your retirement, increase your savings, put your plan on paper so when the time comes you can repurpose your life with confidence.

(Email Debbie at debbienorrell@aol.com.)


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