Reverend Lorraine Williams Honored

REVEREND LORRAINE WILLIAMS, right, with Dr. Bernadette Jeffrey. (Photos by Courier photographer Jacquelyn McDonald)

by Jacquelyn McDonald

Accolades of love and appreciation flowed freely at the recent “Night of Honor” for Reverend Lorraine Williams, the Pastor and Founder of Christian Community Church, 501 Jefferson Road in Penn Hills. The June 23 event at Pentecostal Temple Church Of God In Christ, 6300 East Liberty Blvd., was well-attended by an abundance of Bishops, Pastors and Instructors of Pittsburgh’s Gospel community, all anxious to collectively encourage the woman that they call Pastor, Preacher, Prophetess, Teacher, Trailblazer, Mentor and Extraordinary Friend to those in need of personal ministry. Reverend Williams is well known for her foreign missions, Prison Ministry and specific family ministries as well as local street corner services. She possesses a legacy of ministers of the Gospel who have followed her instruction and now head their own individual organizations and churches.

Pastor Lorraine has never been afraid to “bravely lead by example and display reckless faith when it came to ministry and trusting God” as stated by several presenters.

Dr. Bernadette Jeffrey served as Mistress of Ceremony.


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