Ms. Serena Williams…Kev tried to tell ya! (July 17)

by Bill Neal, For New Pittsburgh Courier

:10—By now even those of you that live under that proverbial rock have tuned into the No. 1 sports talk show in Western PA, “Soul Take—Champions Live” starring yours truly and Kevin Cameron. Well, Kev tried in vain to get me and two elite tennis players, Joe Washington and Carmen Filloy, that the supreme Serena should not play in the doubles match with Andy Murray but rather save her game to make the historic move to catch Margaret Court to become the greatest of all-time. But nooooo, Ms. Williams would have it her way, thus the loss to Simona Halep. But that’s not the worst of it. Now we have to listen to “Captain” Cameron being right for now and forever. Help me Lord, help me!

:09—Just so you’re reminded that what I really know about tennis you can write in the palm of your racquet hand, here’s this… Novak Djokovic beat Roger Federer in a historic, first-time ever, 5-hour, 5-set tiebreaker match to win the Men’s Singles Championship at Wimbledon on Sunday. Whew!

:08—Here we go, Steelers, here we go! And go they will, straight to the Super Bowl! Yeah, I said it! And the Black and Gold lace ‘em up when they report to training camp on Thursday, July 25 for the 54th straight year at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe. The first practice open to the public will be Friday, the 26th. Pittsburgh, let’s do this. Right here…Right now!

:07—Hello, hello, hello…speak up, I can’t hear you. Who? Oh, listen and listen good! Le’Veon and Antonio don’t live here no more!!!

:06—Look, I like the Pirates as much as the next guy. A little here, a little there. And, of course, you gotta love the wings at the park. But it looks like we’re heading down that road again. I know you’ve been caught up in the great hitting before the All-Star Game. But I told you coming out of training camp what has always been a staple in baseball. Great pitching beats great hitting every day of the week. And – we – don’t – have – the – pitching. But no worries, I’ll keep the wings.

:05—Speaking of baseball—and I was—I told you I didn’t think Josh Bell could deliver at the Home Run Derby. That thing is a different thing. If you know what I mean.

:04—Oh, one more baseball thing…a shoutout and blessings to the legendary flame thrower Bob Gibson. He’s fighting pancreatic cancer. If the St. Louis great fights cancer the way he did opposing hitters he’ll win hands down.

:03—USA Women’s Championship Soccer team. It’s all been said but know this—you’re bad, you’re bold, you’re beautiful and they better pay you your well-deserved money! Period. End of story. C’mon, women!!!

:02—If you saw the ESPYs you know this already. If you didn’t you can only try to understand what I am going to tell you. The Pat Tillman Award for Service was given to a woman that lost a leg in Iraq and went on to climb Mt. Everest among many other unbelievable things, Kirstie Ennis. And the Jimmy V. Award went to a man, Rob Mendez, born without arms or legs. His only desire in life since he couldn’t play was to coach. After years of trying to get a job, his first season as the Head Coach of the J.V. football team at Prospect High School in San Jose, Calif., saw his team go 8-2 last year and his kids will run through a brick wall for him. So – you – better – not – ever – complain – about – anything – else- mannnn!!!

:01—As always, in closing, gather yourself, your family, your friends and vote Donald Trump out of office. It’s truly a matter of life and death!



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