In My Travels (Aug. 14)

by Debbie Norrell, Lifestyles Editor

There is so much going on in the city that you should be busy all of the time. Jazz in Highland Park has started, Jazz in Riverview Park is going on and recently Jazz on the Rooftop at the Thelma Lovette Y on Centre Avenue in the Hill District is alive and well. If you like Jazz or just like people, take advantage of some of these free events. There are summer festivals and parades and again they are free. Get on Facebook and find out what is going on and where. This is restaurant week; check out a new restaurant.

We still have some good weather left and there are still things left to do. Speaking of eating places there are two new ones opening in Penn Hills. If you are a Penn Hills resident you may have noticed that a Taco Bell is opening behind the Rodi Road Wendy’s and there is a Checkers opening on Frankstown Avenue across from the Eat ‘n Park. I try not to eat a lot of fast food but it is always great to have additional options in the neighborhood. You can guarantee that I will try out both of my new options while the places are fresh and hopefully service is good. So many fast food restaurants are no longer fast. I went to the Penn Hills McDonalds recently to pick up some pancakes, the drive thru line was long so I parked and went inside. Once inside it looked like it was backed up in there as well so I went to the grocery store and purchased the things I needed to make my breakfast. Just in case you haven’t noticed, fast food is no longer fast.

Who saw the huge sinkhole at the corner of Brushton and Frankstown Avenue? You may not have seen it in person but maybe on the news or on Facebook. I used to live in that area and I could not believe it. Do sinkholes just happen or do they start small and then implode? I have noticed the beginnings of what I think could be sinkholes on Lime Hollow Road. There are about six and there are orange cones and markers to alert drivers but I don’t think that is enough. That is a narrow and curvy road and if you are going down the hill in the dark you could easily fall into one of those holes. I’m not sure who is responsible for that road but I am going to begin making some phone calls. Nadine Road has been closed for a while and we don’t need another major roadway closed.

Attention shoppers! You may already know this but Burlington is moving from behind Monroeville Mall to the space next door to JoAnn’s across from Homegoods. The old Burlington is having a sale and right now things are at 40 percent off. I have not been there yet because I don’t need anything. But as the percentage goes up my needs might change. Eighty percent off or 90 percent off sounds like a motivator.

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