An open letter to our great granddaughter, Lauren (Aug. 21)

by Louis ‘Hop’ Kendrick, For New Pittsburgh Courier

Congratulations, Lauren, for completing your first positive step in becoming a positive adult by graduating from high school and attending college. God has been a blessing in your life by providing you with loving, concerned parents who have done their very best to provide you with a foundation. As you leave home for the first time, there will be some challenges that you will have to face, but always remember that your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents are just a phone call away.

You must understand that there are friends and associates. Friends never attempt to influence you to do that which is wrong. Your focus must be on being the best student that you can be. You may not be a straight A student, but focus on doing the best that you can. It is important that you never be a follower—lead if you can, but never hesitate about questioning and asking yourself why.

You are fortunate that you are not the first in your extended family to attend college, because your parents attended, your grandparents, great grandparent, aunts, uncles, cousins went as well. Your great great grandparents were called home by God before you were born but they are looking down smiling and saying, “Well done, Lauren, and an education is something that no one can take away from you.”

College is a place where you can have fun, but never permit fun to block you from focusing on your reason for being in college.

I almost forgot to mention that your brother is a second-year student at Miami University.

As you prepare for your next step toward adulthood, allow me to close with the advice my parents instilled in me and has been a foundation for the last 87 years: “You are no better than anyone, but just as good, and what makes you rich is love, family, friends and good health.”

Love you forever,
Your Great Grandparents


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