Will Pitt ever be ‘it’ again?—Panthers lose 2019 season-opener to Virginia (Sept. 4)

PITT’S TRE TIPTON is lifted by teammates after scoring a touchdown against Virginia, Aug. 31. However, the Panthers lost, 30-14 (Photo courtesy Pitt Athletics)

by Bill Neal, For New Pittsburgh Courier

:10—Yes, that’s clearly the question. Will Pitt ever be “it” again…Being kicked (and I do mean kicked) around at Heinz Field on this Labor Day holiday, a day that saw very little labor applied to the Pitt football team. Pitt fell to Virginia, 30-14, and trust me, the game was way uglier than the score. A poor showing by the team in general, a very, very poor showing by quarterback Kenny Pickett, who by the way, ended last season with a poor showing, continuous mistakes by a team headed up by fifth-year head coach Pat Narduzzi, and a defensive backfield that would give you reason to think being in the same building with the Steelers may not be a good thing. (OK, kind of kidding on that one. As we all know the Steelers’ D-Backs are greatly improved. Just wait you’ll see when they play New England on Sunday, Sept. 8…or will you?)

:09—Speaking of which, your Pittsburgh Steelers are about to…as the old folks used to say… “get right on down to the real nitty gritty!” The Steelers open up the 2019 campaign at Gillette Stadium where they will take on the World Champion New England Patriots. Sunday, Sept. 8, 8:20 p.m., Channel 11.

:08—Granted the Pats are not the same team without retired tight end Rob Gronkowski, but they are the same team with Tom Brady and owner Robert “pull-your-pants-up” Kraft. So buckle up, boys and girls, it’s about to be on like bacon-flavored popcorn.

:07—I told you going in I’ve got the Steelers at 12-4 come January, winning the AFC North Division, but not going to the big dance. Let’s hope I’m wrong on that count! With that being said, your Black and Gold wins the opener in Foxborough in convincing fashion. I told you the preseason games meant something, and this team has a lot to prove; most notably, we won Super Bowls without Brown and Bell, and we can win them again.

:06—Movie Review…and man it’s been slow. “The Angel Has Fallen,” the new flick starring Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman, would be better titled “The Script Writer Has Fallen.” The third in a series of OK movies lived down to expectations. I give it two and half basketballs only because of Morgan Freeman. Ya’ll know he’s God in his good movies, don’t you? Can’t be too careful!

:05—Yes, your Pittsburgh Pirates are hot…OK better put, they are lukewarm. Regardless of the temperature it’s way too little and way, way, way too late! But, hey the wings at PNC Park are the bomb.

:04—At the Open, world #1 ranked champion Naomi Osaka was upset by Belinda Bencic in the fourth round. Serena Williams is looking for her 24th major title. And, after showing her young emotional side in her loss to Osaka, Coco Gauff and her partner Catherine McNally defeated Nicole Melichar and Kveta Peschke.

:03—Speaking of movies, and I was just a second or so, if you were paying attention…for those of you that thought you didn’t like Denzel and the boys in the remake of the “Magnificent Seven” a year or so ago, I suggest you revisit it at home on blu-ray and see why you were wrong in your own space and time. I still give it four basketballs. C’mon, man!

:02—The sixth annual Pittsburgh City League High School All Sports Hall of Fame Inductions is set for Saturday, Nov. 2. If you have nominations for the City’s Best-of-the-Best, call 412-628-4856 asap.

:01—As always, do-not-forget your next Presidential vote is a vote to “Save The Soul of America!” Vote Donald Trump OUT!!!



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