Letter To The Editor: Rest Easy, Mr. DA Zappala (by Victor Muhammad)

For New Pittsburgh Courier

Dear Editor:

Rest Easy Mr. DA, no one is watching and no one is listening. Lady Justice is supposed to be blind thus allowing her to hear the facts of the case without being prejudiced by looks, appearances and stereotypes driven by the dominant society. However, any and everyone knows that the United States justice system is not blind at all. However, when the people who the judicial system is supposed to derive power from are blind and ill-informed, corruption coupled with desperation becomes a system out of control.

The statements quoting (candidate for Allegheny County District Attorney) Lisa Middleman in a transcript 28 years ago are not only deplorable and of no surprise to anyone who has lived in the arrogant atmosphere of White privilege. It is also an indication that she was confident in: 1. Saying what she said among White colleagues and a judge (that allowed it). 2. Get away with doing it by the permission of the court. So when a White woman pulls out all of the stops for a White man as a White court system appointed her as counsel there’s more intelligent questions that need to be raised:

1. Were the statements a moral stance or a legal strategy? To be quite honest in the American jurisprudence legal takes priority over morality.

2. If the prosecutor felt so appalled by the statements where are the judicial reprimands calling for disciplinary actions on behalf of the people (legal jargon for DA).

3. If an attorney is fighting for you, do you want them to win YOUR CASE or be politically correct?

I AM NOT A PAID SUPPORTER of Ms. Middleman, however as of now outside of Brother Turahn Jenkins, she’s the only one calling the system out as needing to be fixed. For those wanting an apology she gave it. For those who didn’t like the apology, Mr. Zappala doesn’t recognize the Black plight of criminal justice and has already told the Black community to kiss his a__ by going to the young White Republicans. If our great activists and celebrity Jasiri X (of 1Hood Media) had not been on the job he would have never had a conversation with Black people.

Mr. Zappala is known to be a very powerful man from great legal stock. The fact is his father was the president judge of Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court. Mr. Zappala even took down a reigning state Supreme Court Justice without any assistance from the Black community but we think our anger with Ms. Middleman’s words justifies letting a man stay in office who doesn’t even see us.

Lastly, I have been told by many so-called Black leaders that Mr. Zappala is vindictive.

This stops many from not taking strong stances against him. So Mr. Zappala, you can rest easy because the negroes are working overtime not to offend you. They’re willing to turn a blind eye to the fact police dog killers go to jail while killer police go free.

The trained scared-to-death negroes can be bought and paid for by an irrelevant story by the media that’s never been favorable to the Black people it (media) and you (District Attorney) are supposed to serve.

Don’t worry, Mr. Zappala, the trained, “educated” negro has forgotten the grand jury said that FOP President Robert Swartzwelder obstructed justice and you never charged him. Don’t worry, Mr. Zappala, the so-called Black leadership forgives you for not charging Woodland Hills High School Principal Kevin Murray for threatening and beating up Black students but you did charge the Black victims.

The Black community is even willing to forget that you graduated from Central Catholic and the heart of the Catholic sex abuse scandal, according to state Attorney General Scott Shapiro, was right here in Allegheny County. AND YOU HAVEN’T PROSECUTED ONE!!!!

I know that American politics is the devil’s arena, however, the truth can free all of us if acted upon properly. Mr. Zappala has ignored the masses of Allegheny County and, I believe, will continue to do so because of the fear of reprisals in and around the Black community.

Though I may have to pay a price for speaking truth to power, I cannot sit idly by and watch Mr. Zappala win cases important to White people and continue to fumble the ball when it comes to Black people.

Lisa Middleman, you are on notice. You get no free pass so get up, clean up and stay up on colorblind justice and prove you are who you say you are.

Victor Muhammad


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