Here We Go, Steelers…Here We Go! (Sept. 11)

by Bill Neal, For New Pittsburgh Courier

:10—And go we will as I stand “PAT” on both of my pre-season predictions. I thought the Steelers would beat the Patriots, and beat ‘em by a lot. Turns out, The Patriots were the ones beating the Steelers by a lot. I still believe the Steelers will win the AFC North with a 12-4 record. Take it to the bank!

:09—Speaking of things I told you, for the few of you that enjoy emotional pain, I told you not to get happy feet too soon about your Cleveland Browns. Their 43 – 13 loss to the Tennessee Titans on Sept. 8 reminds you all that you can’t build a championship team overnight. It takes time, especially in the ultimate team sport!

:08—Fear not, lovers of the racquet game. Serena Williams’ U.S. Open loss to Bianca Andreescu is just another small bump in the road for the woman that will very soon be crowned Queen of the Courts and the greatest of all-time. A combination of Serena being 37 years old and a little tired (no excuse) and the teen phenomenon sneaking up on her is the better part of the story.

:07—You know the great Black female comic Moms Mabley once said in her raspy, Sergeant-fury voice…“If you can’t say something ‘Good’ when someone is ‘Gone,’ then don’t say nothin.’” Well, I’ll heed her words and say this—“Antonio Brown is gone…Good!!!”

:06—I mean, seriously, you really have to be working overtime to pull off what this knucklehead has done in a week that would take any other player an entire career to do. All I can say is you wanted him, New England…You got him. But, be careful what you wish for!!!

:05—A gentle reminder to all you parents and drivers out there. School is back in and football season is on. Please be mindful and careful to watch out for and protect the children. ON ALL LEVELS!

:04—And the winner was…699. No, I am not giving you his name. All you need to know is there was a winner…Now shut-up about it!

:03—The Pittsburgh Pirates…….Hello, anybody, anybody at all? “Bueller”…”Bueller”…“Bueller”????

:02—You know my job is to help you. So, trust me when I tell you this is a “help ya” moment. Do yourself a favor, dig up your early Isaac Hayes LPs, (play ’em if you got ‘em). I am talking about “By the Time I Get to Phoenix,” “Walk on By,” “Never Fall-In Love Again.” Oh, you’re going to thank me, no doubt about it. (And, by the way, turn the volume way up)

:01—This is a shoutout to my friends…and I do mean “my friends” in the United Rays Corvette Club. Once again you were fantastic, and I sincerely thank you (you know!!!)

:00—The man actually took a magic marker and drew the hurricane into Alabama. C’mon Man! Please, everybody, vote this man out. Get ready, the time is near!



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