In my travels: End of summer (Sept. 11)

by Debbie Norrell, Lifestyles Editor

Have people stopped saying there is nothing to do in Pittsburgh? Let’s hope so because if they are still complaining they are wrong. Each weekend I am challenged with no less than three or more events to attend. Many of them I have a commitment to—some I want to attend just for me.

I just attended the Kem concert and had a great time. It was a “wear white” affair and people showed up and showed out in their white outfits. I can’t wait to see how people turn out for the fifth edition of Diner en Blanc Pittsburgh. Watch this page for the coverage.

A few weeks before Kem I went to see Gladys Knight; another enjoyable evening. It doesn’t always have to be a concert, the ribfest just closed and there have been neighborhood events in Homewood, Larimer and the North Side. Just check Facebook or the New Pittsburgh Courier for things that are going on. In many cases you don’t need someone to go with. You can attend by yourself if that works for you. It is always nice to have someone to say a word to but if no one wants to go, then make comments to others nearby; who knows, you may make new friends. Pittsburgh is the type of place where you always see someone that you know.

An interesting thing happened when I parked for the concert last weekend. When I pulled into the garage, I had to pay cash as I entered. I asked for a receipt just in case and the attendant gave me a ticket to get out. When I finally left the garage I inserted the ticket and was asked to pay again. I tried three times and finally paid the fee again. The next business day I called the garage and was told that I should have pressed the help button. It was around midnight and I didn’t think anyone was around. I was happy I had both paid receipts. The garage has promised to send me the overpayment. I hope they keep their word. It is always good to say something instead of just complaining to others. Most people will try to make things right.

I attended a class this summer that I thought was a photography class. It actually was a class about photos. It was interesting but not what I was looking for. I made mention of it to a person in charge and they offered me a refund. I denied it but appreciated the gesture. I have to make sure I read the fine print in the future. But it confirms the old saying that “a closed mouth does not get fed.”

Now that I am semi-retired, I have a lot more time to attend events that I have always wanted to attend and yes, many of them I will be flying solo. On a side note, if you are thinking about ordering prescription glasses online…I have done it and they turned out perfect. Make sure you have your complete prescription.

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