What goes around…comes around! (Sept. 18)

SAFETY TERRELL EDMUNDS breaks up a pass during the Steelers/Seahawks game, Sept. 15. (Photo by Courier photographer Brian Cook Sr.)

by Bill Neal, For New Pittsburgh Courier

:10—What goes around…comes around! That’s one of many old sayings that got to be an old saying because they’re true. And as it relates to Antonio Brown, nothing could be more true! #1. A.B. dogs the Steeler players, coach and ownership to get out of town. #2. Throws a TV out a hotel window (allegedly) that could have killed somebody. #3 “Plays” the brass in Oakland to get out of Raider duty. #4. BTW, and I know you forgot about this…shows up three hours late for a personal appearance at Children’s Hospital here in Pittsburgh. Children’s Hospital? C’mon man! #5. And now accusations of sexual assault and rape. Must remember… what goes around comes around!

:09—First, this about Pitt football. Someone, who will remain nameless (Kevin Cameron), said without hesitation on our sports talk show, “Soul Take—Champions Live,” that Kenny Pickett, the Pitt quarterback, was not a Divison I quarterback. Wellllll, apparently if you throw for 300-plus yards against one of the top-ranked Penn State Nittany Lions in a game that Pitt should have won…means I was right yet again. Pickett is a D-1 talent and proved it. Now don’t get it twisted, he’s not the second coming of Dan Marino but he’ll do.

:08—Here’s the parts you can’t blame on Pickett. #1. They brought in a new offensive coordinator, Mark Whipple, and the offensive calls are still predictable. #2. Fourth-and-1 one the 1-yard-line, down seven and you kick a field goal in what might be the last state brawl in the for-see-able future? And he missed the kick anyway! C’mon…C’mon…C’mon Man!!! #3. Your defense has arrived. Find a running game. 24 yards all day ain’t gonna cut it. #4. Just curious, do you have a tight end? #5. You will never, never, never-ever see Jackie Sherill holding hands in prayer mold hoping for a victory. Fellas…where’s the Panther in ya? I am just saying.

:07—Speaking of what up. Let’s talk Steelers. Same question, you’re fourth-and-1 on the one with what’s supposed to be the best O-Line in football and you can’t get one yard. Here’s an extra c’mon man for you.

:06—That being said, and in an attempt to stop the bleeding…Hey Pittsburgh, do you have a tight end? I thought Bush was brought in to stop the slants across the middle. And on the offense…why are you not starting James Washington at wide receiver?

:05—Hustler, Hustler, Hustler! If you need more information than that about J-Lo’s new movie you need to stop going to the movies. I give it 99 basketballs (Jennifer call me back, please).

:04—If you know of a City League athlete that would be considered “Best of the Best” call their name in—412-628-4856. The Pittsburgh City League Hall of Fame Inductions are coming up Saturday, Nov. 2.

:03—This just in. Your Pirates are now mathematically, officially eliminated from the playoffs. (and not a moment too soon.)

:02—OK…Look…You all know I am an equal opportunity man…and if you had seen me at Slippery Rock University back in the day, you would know how true that is (big smile). Anyway, all that being said, can’t we find a small, tight, shifty, swift, elusive, really fast, Black guy to run back kicks? Nothing personal to the word, “no dis” to Ryan Switzer, but, it’s kind of our thing…I am just saying! OK, alright I take it back, I am sorry.

:01—Be that as it may, you still have to vote Trump out of office regardless of my semi-racist comments.



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