Cleveland Browns…Maybe that ‘Dawg’ can hunt!?! (Oct. 2)

by Bill Neal, For New Pittsburgh Courier

:10—The teachable moment here, boys and girls, is that unlike some other people who co-host with me on “Soul Take–Champions Live”…who will remain nameless (Kevin Cameron), I am able to admit when I am wrong. Rare as it may be. But it looks like the “Dawg Pound” that is the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League does have as much bite as they do bark. Beating the Ravens in Baltimore this past Sunday, Sept. 29, was no small task. I admit it. I thought they would need at least a year to mesh into a team unit. Well, they meshed real good, slapping the dirty birds with a 40-25 tarring to go with those feathers.

:09—While you’re already down in the dumps let me throw more salt in you wounded heart. Your Pittsburgh Steelers are going to have a tough time beating either one of them. I am just sayin’!

:08—A belated and tremendous heartfelt outreach to the family of the late-great-great Sam Davis. The former Pittsburgh Steeler, four-time Super Bowl champion, passed away two weeks ago. “Mr. Davis” was the guard that anchored the offensive line of the Steeler dynasty of the ‘70s. Blessings to his beautiful wife Tammy and their children.

:07—“Rambo”…It may not be the most artistic movie you’ll see this year and the musical score probably won’t receive any votes and the only connection it will have with an “Oscar” is Sly Stallone’s cousin Oscar Stallone…But, I can promise you this—you will have more fun at this movie than you did on your first real date! (smile) I am talking about stand up and cheer for the good guy fun. And, that’s what I did. Four Basketballs for Rambo. And trust me, he’ll be back!

:06—This just in…The Pittsburgh Pirates baseball season is over. Thank goodness.

:05—We are happy and proud to announce that World Track Masters Champion, Charles “Buddy” Allie, will be the keynote speaker at the Sixth Annual Pittsburgh City League High School Hall of Fame Inductions on Saturday, Nov. 2, 2019.

:04—You can wake up now. The nightmare is over. And, it wasn’t just a bad dream. Kevin Durant did go down and Golden State did not win the NBA title. The Toronto Raptors took home the Gold. But the good news is the NBA season has started. Let the fun begin. Check your local listings.

:03—So you say you miss real heavyweight boxing and the glitz and glamour that went with it? Do what I did last weekend. Dig up your Ali-Frazier trifecta and enjoy the lost art of the sweet science. Mannnn, that was so good stuff.

:02—No time to stop now, you’re doing a great job. Stay tuned into your high school football teams, support the schools and the players, let the kids play and you, please stop pretending you’re still “The Man” and most especially follow all the action down the stretch in the New Pittsburgh Courier. The only place in town to get the update on City league action. (Clearly no other sports outlet in town does…I am just sayin’!)

:01—After last week if you still need a reason to vote Trump out of office you truly have to request more time on the couch with your therapist. Vote…Him…Out!!!



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