Quote the Ravens never more! (Oct. 9)

by Bill Neal, For New Pittsburgh Courier

:10—I am here…It’s Loud…And I am Proud! So, for all you non-believers, let me remind you what believing is all about. “Right Here, Right Now, Today…The Steeler Way!!!” That used to be how we rolled. When you got out of bed on Sunday morning you knew the win was coming. Your only concern was by how much. It’s time to turn back that clock, Little Johnny. Let’s get this party started right. And if you think that your energy doesn’t matter…then you don’t know the “Steeler Way!” “They hurt one of ours, we send one of theirs to the morgue. That’s the Pittsburgh Way!” (Sean Connery–The Untouchables.)

:09—All that being said, I thought the Steelers would win by 10 against the Ravens. Whoops!

:08—Here’s the thing about the Pitt win over Duke on Saturday night, Oct. 5. Fact of the matter is Pitt was the better team on the field and should have won the game by double digits in spite of the spread. The Panthers are a much better team than you think. But there has to be a joint effort going into the second half. The team has to play like the score is zero/zero in spite of the halftime lead of 20-plus points. Secondly, the coaching staff must enforce that attitude to the max. It’s sometimes human nature for a team to think they have the game won long before it’s over.

:07—Just in case you’re not sure…“Tiger” was on the sports channel letting everyone know it’s not over yet. He survived another season following surgery and won the Masters. And, has every intention of winning more next season. Stay tuned.

:06—This just in…Basketball season is here. Now the fun begins. Check all your local listings.

:05—We’re halfway through the college football season and here’s your top 10 listing. #1. Alabama #2. Clemson #3. Georgia #4. Ohio State #5. LSU #6. Oklahoma #7. Auburn #8. Wisconsin #9. Notre Dame #10. Florida

:04—Speaking of the NCAA, and I just was if you were paying attention…I’ve said for years they’re second only to the casino business in taking lots of money in and giving little out. Simply put, every college student athlete that generates money for their school should be getting money back. And please don’t give me that classroom, books, food and dormitory nonsense. Just try providing these pleasantries for the 95 percent of the rest of the student body without the football and basketball bankroll! C’mon Man!

:03—Speaking of basketball…oops, caught you nappin’ again. I was just on it a moment ago. I don’t know if you heard coach Jeff Capel on “Soul Take – Champions Live” a few weeks ago, but, in a soft but certain tone, he offered that the help that Pitt needs in the form of a big man and a sharpshooter is on the way. Let’s get ready to jump ball.

:02—The MLB playoffs are in full swing and eight teams are set to advance and if things go as planned, the seventh game of the World Series will take place on October 30. Easy call for me, the New York Yankees beat the Dodgers in seven. See ya then.

:01—OK, OK, OK. Trump didn’t do it…Nixon didn’t do it…Al Capone didn’t do it…Jeffrey Dahmer didn’t do it…The Devil didn’t do it… For that matter, not even “The Joker” is guilty. C’mon people, open the window and take a deep breath of reality. Vote the “Mistake,” known as Donald Trump, OUT OF OFFICE!



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