The background tells the story (Oct. 23)

by Debbie Norrell, Lifestyles Editor

Taking pictures is something that I truly enjoy. A picture tells a story and creates a memory that can be cherished forever. Since taking pictures is part of what I do for a living, I try to be conscious of what is in the background and what is surrounding the subjects. Normally I will remove plates of food and table signs if they are in the way. Recently I asked a few people to leave their plates in the picture because the event revolved around food. Yes I do stage pictures; it is part of what I do to make you look your best.

You may be surprised where I am going with this story; it’s not my disdain for exit signs in the background, it’s my attention to detail in photos on dating sites. I just saw a screen shot of a man from a dating site. He did not have on a shirt and it appeared that he was sitting in a bathroom. His upper body looked soft and plump. There appeared to be towels and washcloths in the background. What really got my attention was his statement “whether I have a house or not, if I date a girl with a house, I become the man of that house and she will listen to me or she can get out.”

Ladies and gentlemen when you are on social media looking for a mate, be careful. You can learn a lot from a picture. Look at that background—is there a lot of junk in the room? Check out the décor; you can often tell if a man has decorated or if a lot of the furnishings were left behind by a former mate. Are they in a parking lot next to their car and not in the car? It might mean they don’t own the car they are taking the picture next to. Was there someone next to them in the picture that has been cut out with scissors or cropped out? How about pets? If there are dogs and cats in the picture and you don’t like dogs and cats this is not the person for you and please don’t enter into the relationship thinking you can change someone. It’s not going to happen. So before you hit like and want to engage with this stranger take a good look at the picture, not just the man or woman in the picture but what they are surrounded by.

Facebook has started a dating segment and I can only imagine the crazy situations that will fall out of those unions. I’m sure the “court TV shows” are loving social media because it gives them tons of cases to fill their dockets. So many of these couples that appear on Court TV have met on the internet. It is very hard to meet someone the old fashioned way. I want to know does anyone even try to meet someone in person anymore? Does it really happen? I’m asking for a friend.

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