Derrick Coleman Jr. named Student Council Treasurer at MACS


by Courier Newsroom

“The more you learn, the more you earn,” is what Manchester Academic Charter School eighth grader Derrick Coleman Jr. says to his stepmother each morning before school.

The New Pittsburgh Courier has learned that Coleman, 13, was just named Student Council Treasurer at MACS.

Sometimes, it’s hard to get youth into learning about finances. But Jaz’Mine Coleman, Derrick’s stepmother, said she’s been talking to him about the importance of good credit, a savings, and how that translates into, say, having a very low (or no) down payment on a car, and having money for a “rainy day.”

“He went through a lot last year at Pittsburgh Sunnyside,” Jaz’Mine said of Derrick. But at MACS, “academic wise, he’s more focused, more interested in learning, he’s more sociable, he likes to get up in the morning, where before, he didn’t really want to get up,” she said. “He’s looking forward to getting into an engineering program,” and already is thinking about college.

Tamela Brown, Derrick Jr.’s mother, and his sister, Tamia Coleman, are proud to acknowledge his achievements at MACS.

The Colemans reside in Brighton Heights.




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