Mike Tomlin should be the 2019 NFL Coach of the Year! (Dec. 11)

:10—Might as well start things off talking about the NFL Coach of the Year. Yep, that should be one, Mike Tomlin. And let’s be honest here; many of you wanted to write him off along with this year’s Steeler team, and understandably so. But that horse is back in the barn! Coach Tomlin has rallied the troops and has this band of injured, concussed and defected players to the potential Promised Land. If not, Super Bowl promise at least playoff promise. And, how will they get there you might ask? Read on.

:09—Quack…Quack, Quack…Quack! That’s right, boys and girls, and the Good Book said…“He will rise from the sidelines where he was nearly cast aside forever more…and a duck shall lead his people through the parted sea and the desert sands…” OK, OK, you get it. Sorry about that, but I had the ghost of Charlton Heston over my shoulder. Point being since last we spoke, there’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Devlin “Duck” Hodges. And he’s an old school, care-free Clint Eastwood gunslinger for sure. After beating the Cardinals this past Sunday, the Steelers are now 8-5 and rollin’!

:08—Just a sidebar here and trust me, I am not trying to start any trouble here. You all know I am a James Conner and JuJu fan. But tell the truth. Has anybody missed them? There’s an old football saying—“You can’t play football in the whirlpool.” I am just sayin’!

:07—Speaking of people not being missed. Has anybody seen Sidney Crosby? And does anybody really care? Look, don’t hate me for saying what you’re thinking. But your Pittsburgh Penguins are doing just fine without him. (Alright that’s a little bit of a stretch. But remember, I know nothing about hockey!) But can you say Malkin or Guentzel?

:06—BTW, the Steelers returned a kickoff for a touchdown in the game against the Cardinals. The first time since Antonio Brown did it in 2015. This one returned 85 yards by Diontae Johnson. Please go back a few weeks to your Pittsburgh Courier when I respectfully asked why is Switzer returning kickoffs? Thank you…Thank you very much…Neal has left the building!!!

:05—I don’t mind telling you that I buy one and take one when I double up at the movies. For two reasons. #1. We’re overcharged to begin with. #2. “They” won’t find me, they don’t know what theatre I am at. Ha Ha! But here’s your double down review. “Knives,” out with Jamie Lee Curtis, is funny and good. It gets three basketballs. And if you need to be reminded how you’re exploited every day, please, please, please see “Dark Waters.” It’ll make you want to stop drinking water right away. And it’s a true story. It gets four basketballs cause its real, mmmaaannn.

:04—Pitt women’s volleyball team suffered a stunning second-round loss in the NCAA Tournament to Cincinnati ending their outstanding season. Hail to Pitt for a great run.

:03—Oh yea, the Pittsburgh Pirates have a new head coach. Derek Shelton becomes the 41st manager in franchise history and promises changes. I’ll get back to you in April.

:02—Speaking of stuff you need to know. The best show on TV is Chicago PD on NBC every Wednesday at 10 p.m. Trust me, you will thank me.

:01—This just in…Carol, I am waiting for results of your survey. The people don’t know…but you know who you are!?!?

:00—Do you want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem? Then you must vote. We all know that Trump Must Go!!


by Bill Neal, For New Pittsburgh Courier


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