Rolling out CEO Munson Steed creates ‘smart’ books, toys for Black kids

Munson Steed, CEO of popular entertainment and lifestyle brand rolling out, is bringing the same to the children’s literary arena. Steed who is widely recognized as a leader in providing dynamic content in uniquely colorful fashion is applying the Midas touch with a younger and younger audience.

The accomplished author and publisher, is currently focused on the launch of Playful Genius, an African-American owned and operated company providing culturally relevant content to stimulate imaginations and inspire creativity for children of color ages zero to nine. Playful Genius’ engaging characters and creative storylines told in vivid and dynamic settings are brand signatures and have found phenomenal appeal in the young reading audience. Its accompanying line of adorable Plush Crew toys, stickers and coloring books is also proving to be wildly popular with the zero- to four-year-old set.

Plush Crew characters take kids on a journey of the imagination

Steed’s Little Professor Skye children’s books and toys – the predecessor to Playful Genius – introduced in 2016, has enjoyed outstanding critical acclaim and success on its own, featuring ambitious young girls proudly pursuing academic achievements in non-traditional learning disciplines.

Check out these songs by Skye and the Highlights for Playful Genius: SpotifySkye and the Highlights – Apple Music, Candles – Apple Music, and Amazon.

Steed’s latest entry in the children’s literature genre, Atom Smart is also finding its niche with a multi-cultural audience making smart cool again.

“Our children must see themselves as part of a universal culture and a smart community, so it only makes sense for Atom Smart to set the example. Smart encourages our kids to explore new opportunities as he demonstrates his abilities in where he demonstrates his own special aptitude for science and math,” explained Steed, a Morehouse College graduate. “As the storyline develops the reader is introduced to the Smart family who believes in intellectual capital and self-actualization … it’s all in the name,” quipped the fanciful author.

Inherent in the intellectual development scheme which is a constant theme in all Steed’s children books and products for multi-cultural kids is the idea that young people are not only open to exploring new concepts and characters, they also enjoy the challenge.

Alphabet Safari for ages zero to four includes learning exercises that take young readers to exotic animals on the African and South American continents and throughout the Diaspora.

“Alphabet Safari shows kids that penguins and kangaroos really do exist and that there are more animals and places to see,” said Steed. “Playful Genius reinforces that concept and expands on it … We want all of our children to understand that they can play sports, dance and entertain themselves and still excel in academics and subjects not usually offered through traditional outlets.”

The Playful Genius teaches kids that they have the capacity to be great and live brilliantly. In short the – sky is the limit.

Play Genius introduces new frontiers, Steed on the Verizon for an African-American owned and operated and run company that designs toys books and music allowing each dimension to touch our children in a culturally relevant way demonstrating to them that science math engineer Our subjects that we have mastered time and time again and created and many cases.


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