Allegheny East NAACP holds Human Rights Dinner (Debbie’s Lifestyles photos Dec. 18))

On Nov. 1, at the Edgewood Country Club, Allegheny East NAACP held their Annual Human Rights Dinner. Kenneth L. Huston, Pennsylvania State NAACP President and President of the Allegheny East NAACP, said one of the most intriguing words is “we.” With an upsurge in racism, hate crimes, criminalization of young Black males, insensitivity to the poor, educational genocide and the moral economic cost of war, “we” must stand together now like never before. Our heroes remind us that ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things.

On this evening with Briauna Brownfield as mistress of ceremonies, guests enjoyed a delightful dinner and keynote speaker Pedro Rivera, Secretary of Education for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Rivera said we must advance the agenda of equity and focus on the K-12 system; students should be invested in early and often.

The Allegheny East NAACP also presented their 2019 Awards to: Dr. Sharon McDaniel–2019 Progressive Business Award (McDaniel is the President and CEO of A Second Chance Inc.,); Robert Hill-2019 Spirit Award (Hill is the former Vice Chancellor of Public Affairs University of Pittsburgh); and Fred Redmond-2019 Corporate Community Partner Award (Redmond is USW international vice president).

2019 AWARD RECIPIENTS—Fred Redmond, Sharon L. McDaniel, Robert Hill and Kenneth Huston (Photos by Debbie Norrell) (Feature Photo)

by Debbie Norrell, Lifestyles Editor


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