Pitt beats North Carolina in hoops…and for Cynthia Erivo to not win best actress as Harriet Tubman is as wrong as slavery was!! (Jan. 15)

by Bill Neal, For New Pittsburgh Courier

:10—Listen and listen well…This just in…Just in case you’re already under your winter rock, The New Pitt Panthers went into the famed Dean E. Smith Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and handed it to the Tar Heels in no uncertain terms. The 73–65 upset on Jan. 8 sent a message loud and clear to the ACC that this is not your grandfather’s Pitt team…For that matter, it’s not the team you saw three years ago before the arrival of Coach Capel! (Sorry, had to get that in!)

:09—Before I get off the subject, it’s important to know a few things. It’s not that this team is loaded with superstars…and it’s not as if they have a dominant center controlling the paint…and while they’ve improved the position outside the three-point line, it’s not as though Ray Allen just joined the team! But what they do have is a coach with an A+ pedigree, a concept that teaches the importance of team, and most importantly, a never-say-never-nonstop-hard-working defensive mindset that says bring your lunch, boys, we’re going to be here a while!

:08—“Upset City” is in full effect and it gives Steeler Nation reasons to feel better about life in general. #1. New England…Done!! #2. The Ravens…Done!! And, quote the Ravens never more (at least not this year). #3. Buffalo…Done! After sending us packing! #4. By now you’re seeing why Kansas City is Kansas City…makes you feel better about yourself now huh? #5. If you live by the running quarterback you die by the running quarterback. Of course, Lamar Jackson is the truth, but no team in the NFL held him down better than us…nobody.

:07—To that point, and don’t get me wrong, I applaud the superior talent of Lamar Jackson, but there must be a reason no running QB has won the Super Bowl…I am just sayin’!


:06—In review—Now that Joaquin Phoenix has won the Golden Globe for his amazing portrayal of the Joker, put on your grown-up pants and go see it…it’s not real, it’s just a movie. “1917”…Huh, what? And for Cynthia Erivo to not win best actress as Harriet Tubman is as wrong as slavery was!!!

:05—Get ready ya’ll, Champions Live Sports Talk Show…The new edition is coming your way soon. Stay Tuned!!

:04—Oh, the Pittsburgh Penguins are really good. They even win without the best player in the world…Sidney Crosby! That’s all I got.

:03—Coach Bill Cowher is going into the NFL Hall of Fame and deservingly so. It also tells me if Mike Tomlin wins another Super Bowl, he’s a shoo-in! Two trips to the super bowl, eight playoff appearances…C’mon Man!!!

:02—The Pirates got a new GM, a new manager and did this, that and the other. We’ll see…

:01—OK, OK, OK, Carol, you’re the greatest of all time…G.O.A.T.—now let it go, will ya.

:00—It’s getting closer to voting time. Get ready to vote this bum out. Act like your life depends on it…because it does!



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