Allegheny County’s COVID-19 case growth is slower than the state as a whole

by PublicSource reporters

Pennsylvania reported 1,680 new COVID-19 cases and 70 new deaths on Wednesday. The caseload overall increased more than it did Tuesday, but the additional deaths were fewer than Tuesday’s surge. The state now has 16,239 confirmed cases and 310 deaths.

While the number of new COVID-19 cases reported in Allegheny County on Wednesday represents a relative slowdown, officials also announced four new deaths.

The county’s death toll is now at 10. All of the deaths are of people 65 and older. More than half of known infections in the county are in people younger than 50.

The state caseload increased 11.5% overnight. With Allegheny County’s 4.4% increase, it adds to the pattern that state Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine cited on Tuesday — that the Pittsburgh region seems to be taking a relatively lower hit from the virus. Levine said that Southwestern Pennsylvania is showing “positive” but “not conclusive” signs of flattening the curve.

Allegheny County reported 31 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, bringing the county’s total to 720. There were 12 additional hospitalizations, a total of 113 past and present, for the illness caused by the new coronavirus.

The city of Pittsburgh is home to 227 cases; no other municipality in the county has more than 22. Many locales throughout the country are reporting that Black Americans are disproportionately getting sick or dying from COVID-19, but the county and state lack full demographic data on many of the cases.

Medical staff at the Allegheny Health Network drive-thru clinic in Wexford, Pa., screen a person for COVID-19 on March 18. (Photo by Nick Childers/PublicSource)


Allegheny County’s COVID-19 case growth is slower than the state as a whole


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