Gov. Wolf announces first steps toward PA reopening to begin May 8

The extra $600 a week for unemployed Pennsylvanians begins to roll out.

Gov. Tom Wolf announced on April 20 that Pennsylvania plans to take some steps toward reopening parts of the state and its economy on May 8.

Construction will resume; car sales may be performed online; 176 Wine and Spirit shops will be open for curbside pick-up; and the stay-at-home order may be lifted for some areas throughout the state. Wolf did not comment on if he thought Allegheny County would be among those areas to open or not.

“The steps we’re taking today are not a sign that we should abandon social distancing. We absolutely should not,” Wolf said during the livestream. “COVID-19 is still very, very much a threat to all of us, and we still need to do our part, each and every one of us, to cut back on our physical interactions with others in order to eliminate the transmission, the spread of this disease.”

Pennsylvania reported an additional 948 positive COVID-19 cases and another 92 deaths on Monday, April 20. This follows a spike of 276 new deaths on Sunday, the state’s biggest single-day increase yet, which Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine explained Sunday is due to a catch-up in data collection rather than an accounting of an abnormally high 24-hour period of new deaths.

To date, 33,232 Pennsylvanians have tested positive for COVID-19 and 1,204 have died from the virus. From Sunday to Monday, COVID-19 cases in the state have climbed about 2.9%.

As of April 20, the state’s hospital preparedness dashboard shows 1,449 of the state’s 5,111 ventilators, about 72%, are available. About 35% of its adult intensive care unit beds and 42% of its medical beds are available.

Allegheny County reported seven new COVID-19 cases and five new deaths on Monday. The county’s total caseload is 1,042. The county has now reported 180 past and present hospitalizations and 55 deaths.


Gov. Wolf announces first steps toward PA reopening to begin May 8


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