Field Negro: “Cray cray”

America, admit it, your president is insane. I know it’s a hard pill for a lot of you to swallow, given that you voted for him and all, but it has become painfully obvious that something is just not right in that mind of his.

If you saw any of his recent press conferences, or if you have read any of his latest screeds on twitter, you would know what I am talking about.

Monday, incredibly, the man admitted to taking a drug for the coronavirus that his own government has cautioned against. The side effects of the drug (which has still not been formally approved for coronavirus treatment) has been known to kill people for crying out loud. And yet there he was on national television promoting it to the country.

Frankly, as he does with everything else, I think the man was lying. I think he was trying to create yet another distraction from some other serious issues that are taking place in his corrupt administration. Primarily, the latest firing of  an Inspector General (and there has been many) after he was starting to uncover wrong doings in the trump crime cabal.

“Trump fired State Department Inspector General, Steve Linick, for investigating Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s misuse of State Department employees.

Linick had been on the job since 2013 and had recently issued reports criticizing some Trump appointees of retaliating against career public servants. Democrats expressed outrage at his firing. The chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Eliot Engel, D-N.Y., accused President Trump of taking the action to protect Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

“I have learned that the Office of the Inspector General had opened an investigation into Secretary Pompeo,” Engel said. “Mr. Linick’s firing amid such a probe strongly suggests that this is an unlawful act of retaliation.”

A Democratic aide on Capitol Hill elaborated that “the OIG was looking into the Secretary’s misuse of a political appointee at the Department to perform personal tasks for himself and Mrs. Pompeo.”

Pompeo and his wife are accused of using government employees as their personal servants, which is against the law.” [Source] 

Throw in the reports that there might have been some illegal arms sales to Saudi Arabia by the trump administration and you can see why this guy had to go.

This is all coming at a time when even the usually laid back Obama can’t take it anymore and has to speak out. This has infuriated trump and his racist pals like Karl Rove (that’s Karl with a K, not a C) and Turtle, and they have fired back at former President Obama with a vengeance.

“I think President Obama should have kept his mouth shut,” “We know he doesn’t like much this administration is doing; that’s understandable. But I think it’s a little bit classless, frankly, to critique an administration that comes after you. … Generally, former presidents just don’t do that.”

Irony is clearly lost on these people.

What they have failed to realize, of course, is that former president Obama is right.


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