Field Negro: “Stop killing Black people.”

Black rage is now manifesting itself in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and there has been protest all over the country due to the latest televised state killing of another Black man on one of the nation’s streets.

Black folks are sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Like Eric Garner, this man also pleaded for his life, as he told the officer -who literally had his foot on his neck- that he could not breathe. It made no difference to the officers present that bystanders were also pleading with them to stop, all their pleas fell on deaf ears.

Now, as buildings burn and stores get looted, we are watching a sad and tragic recurring theme play itself out in what is already a trying time to be living through. Personally, I would prefer if these protesters did not destroy the neighborhoods where they have to live, but I don’t know if I can blame them at this point, given the level of frustration and pent-up rage that they have been living with.

In a way, this is indicative of what it means to be living through a trump presidency. Mr trump has emboldened every racist in America to act on their hatred.  And, as a result, we have vigilantes chasing down and killing an unarmed Black man, and a woman using the power of her whiteness to threaten a Black man with Emmett Till style justice if she can’t have her way.

When Mr. trump asked Black Americans what we had to lose by voting for him, the answer was easy: Our lives.


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