‘I want my brother to breathe’ – a poem by 9-year-old Mariyah Ransome

A poem by Mariyah Ransome

MARIYAH RANSOME wrote this poem for her end-of-the-year virtual talent show at Environmental Charter School. Mariyah is 9 years old and is entering the fifth grade.

I want my brother to breathe,
Dear officer, and neighbors
Please let my brother breathe!!!
Please let him walk to the store and get candy.
And let him breathe!!!!
Please let him jog…
And let him breathe!!!!
Please let him drive a car
Let him breathe!!!!!
Dear officer and neighbors,
My brother has autism so he sometimes
laughs when things aren’t funny, or he may run
if he is scared.
Please let him breathe!!!!
My brother is Black, he is not scary.


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