Conservative Clergy of Color slams hypocritical Chicago mayor for protecting her home while letting city burn

“I have a right to make sure that my home is secure,” Lori Lightfoot says while regular citizens have to fend off rioters

Conservative Clergy of Color denounced Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot for her callous, hypocritical comments after she ordered police to stop protesters from gathering outside her home. “I think that residents of this city, understanding the nature of the threats that we are receiving on a daily basis, understand I have a right to make sure that my home is secure,” Lightfoot told the media. Lightfoot’s dedication to protecting her home and property doesn’t seem to apply to the city she’s in charge of defending. After all, mobsters and thugs under the Black Lives Matter banner have been running amok in Chicago’s downtown area for months, with one store owner describing the situation like being “under siege.”

“This is just like a classic limousine liberal. Mayor Lightfoot certainly has a right to protect her property, but she seems to have forgotten she also has a duty as mayor to keep Chicago safe,” said CCC Chairman Bishop Aubrey Shines. “I was born and grew up in Chicago and it pains me to see the city torn apart like this. What a callous, tone-deaf thing for the mayor to say, and how hypocritical of her to ban protesters by her house but not bothering to ban the rioting that is burning her city down. Chicago deserves better! The people who’ve been assaulted and lost income because of Black Lives Matter deserve better.”

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