Letter to the Editor: Hey, I’m just saying


Dear Editor:
As I sit here watching the BLM, the LBT, the Mothers Against Gun violence and City Council men/women protesting about Black lives mattering, I thought what would happen if those same groups protested about the Black lives that are being taken by Black-on-Black shooters in our neighborhoods.

Yes, I know what the protests are about and yes I know and agree that we must have police reform and yes, I know that we have police that still have that mentality that created the police departments, way back in the slavery days. However, I have a question outside and not taking away the vision and purpose of BLM; the LBT; the Mothers Against Gun Violence and yes, our City Council men/women.

Wait for it….wait for it……what if these groups used this same committed energy to march in the neighborhoods (North/South/East/West) where Blacks are killing Blacks and creating a “wild, wild west” atmosphere. These groups march in “White areas” like Oakland, Bakery Square and yes the mayor’s home, but what if they marched with their signs and used a united front in the areas where Blacks are killing each other and shooting to death too many precious souls.

What if they held up signs with the names of the babies that are being killed by bullets intended for others; what if they held up signs with the names of young people that never realized their dreams and held up a sign with a new acronym—“MERFBL” which means: Mentor/Educate/Respect/for/Black/Lives. The Black individuals that are shooting like they are in the “wild, wild west” have no respect and don’t care because it doesn’t matter about the Black lives they are taking.

If these organizations/councilmen/women and oops forgot churches could come together with a united front to march in our neighborhoods, we would send a message to the Blacks that are killing Blacks that lives do matter and are precious to us, because these precious souls they are taking are someone’s legacy.

Hey, I’m just saying.

Diane Neely

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