Courier to be featured by the Pirates from Sept. 18-26


The New Pittsburgh Courier will be featured by the Pittsburgh Pirates organization from Sept. 18-26, as part of the Pirates’ “Family Forever” initiative to assist local small businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

Pirates broadcasters will be discussing the Courier and its legendary place in Pittsburgh and African American history during the upcoming game broadcasts on 93.7 The Fan, and the Pirates will produce free 30-second television and radio commercials featuring the Courier. There will also be social media mentions, in-park signage, and more.

The other businesses and nonprofits that were featured and scheduled to be featured are: North Shore Tavern, Wagsburgh, Priory Fine Pastries, Jerry’s Pizzeria, Veteran’s Place, Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities, Humane Animal Rescue, Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh, Lending Hearts and Latino Community Center.

Pirates president Travis Williams

“We have said it before and we truly mean it, as Pittsburghers we take pride in building each other up and helping where we can in times of trouble, that is what makes this community unique,” said Pirates president Travis Williams in a statement from late July. “This has been our directive since the beginning of the pandemic as we have bought from local small businesses and partnered with area nonprofits to help provide for front line workers, the underserved and the community as a whole.”

JOEL GRAY Community Outreach Coordinator, Pittsburgh Pirates

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