Announcements – Public Notices 10-7-20

Notice is hereby given that Allegheny County, Pennsylvania will hold public meetings on October 7 at 2:00 PM, October 8 at 5:00 PM, and October 20 at 5:00 PM, 2020. All meetings will be conducted virtually via Zoom. Residents may access these meetings via internet links provided by the County, via its designated consultant, and by the Council of Government Websites. The links will allow residents to register for their chosen Public Hearing date and access the meeting via a follow-up zoom e-mail.
Wednesday October 7, 2020 – 2:00 PM Link:

Thursday October 8, 2020 – 5:00 PM Link:

Tuesday October 20, 2020 – 5:00 PM Link:
The meetings will be used to solicit the views and comments of individuals and organizations concerning any impediments to fair housing choice in Allegheny County (not including the City of Pittsburgh, the City of McKeesport, and the Municipality of Penn Hills) and what steps should be undertaken to affirmatively further fair housing. The primary focus of the meetings is fair housing issues in Allegheny County.
All interested residents and agencies/organizations are encouraged to attend these virtual public meetings and they will be given the opportunity to present oral or written comments concerning any impediments to fair housing faced by residents of Allegheny County. Written comments may be addressed to Mr. Nathan Wetzel, Project Manager, Allegheny County Economic Development, 112 Washington Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, or via email at

Nathan Wetzel, Project Manager Allegheny County
Economic Development
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania


Housing Authority of the
City of Pittsburgh
Public Notice of Revised 2021 Utility Allowance
The Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh (HACP), in accordance with federal law and regulation, is proposing revisions to its Housing Choice Voucher Payment Standard Schedule.
The revised 2021 Utility Allowance schedule is available for review and comment from September 30, 2020 to November 4, 2020 on the HACP Web Site: Printed copies of the revised utility allowance can be obtained by contacting the HACP Executive Office at 412-456-5012.
A Public Hearing to receive public comments on the revised 2021 HACP Utility Allowance will be held on Wednesday, November 4 2020 at 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. via Zoom:
10:00 a.m. via zoom: Meeting ID: 951 7225 1024 Passcode: 490733
(US) 1-301-715-8592 Passcode: 490733

5:00 p.m. via zoom: Meeting ID: 993 8466 5386 Passcode: 419474
(US) 1-301-715-8592 Passcode: 419474
Written comments on the proposed revisions to the HACP Utility Allowance must be addressed to:
“Attention: HACP Utility Allowance” at HACP Housing Choice Voucher Department, 200 Ross Street, 7th Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 and must be received by November 4, 2020.
Once approved, the final revised HACP Utility Allowance will be effective January 1, 2021.
If you are a person with disability and need an alternate means of reviewing this information, please contact the Disability Compliance Office at 412-456-5282 to discuss the options available


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