Letter to the Editor: Stop abandoning the American people

Dear Editor,
I am outraged that President Trump has walked away from COVID relief negotiations. Where is the urgency for the millions of Americans still suffering through the worst economic crisis in a century?

The situation for American renters and landlords is particularly dire. Without help, unemployed renters and their landlords will continue to accumulate bills they cannot pay. Economist Mark Zandi estimates that renters could owe $70 billion in back rent by January. On Oct. 1, the House passed a compromise measure that would, among other things, provide robust rental assistance through early 2021. However, instead of working to reach a deal, the president just walked away (and the Senate is MIA).

Families struggling to keep a roof over their heads should not be left to face this crisis alone. I urge leaders in Washington to get their priorities straight and pass a strong COVID-19 relief bill ASAP that includes at least $100 billion in rental assistance for the coming year.

Lily Callaway

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