field negro: Biden Trump part two

I watched portions of the debate Thursday night. The Eagles were on so I couldn’t give it my undivided attention.  

From what I could see it looked like Mr. trump was sedated for the first thirty minutes or so, but then whatever he was on started to wear off. Then, as is to be expected, he reverted to form. The scary thing is that some pundits were actually giving him credit for controlling himself. They called it “showing restraint”.  

It’s amazing that the bar is so low for the president of the United States. All he had to do was to stop screaming at the moderator and interrupting his opponent at every turn to meet the bar set by some of these clueless pundits. Did they not see his bungled answers and response when pressed on his handling of the COVID-19 virus?  

So anyway, I gave Biden a C+ and trump a D. trump needed at least an A minus to move the needle. He needed to really have a good debate last night, and by all objective measures he did not do that. Most of the flash polls I saw had Biden winning the debate. Although I am quite sure that trump and the right-wing media will say that he won it as well. This is where we are with politics in America. Everyone is in their own corners and they see things how they want to see it.  

Still,  nothing particularly stood out for me last night. Not trump saying that he was the least racist person in the room, when the moderator was a Black woman. Not trump implying that immigrants have low intelligence. Not trump saying that children being separated from their parents is good. Not trump telling people who are suffering from environmental racism and dying of cancer  that they are lucky to have good jobs. None of it. Because, quite frankly, I expect all of that from Donald trump. Joe Biden didn’t say or do anything earth shattering, either. (Although promising to end the oil industry as we know it could be considered a big deal if you happen to live in Texas or Louisiana.)

What the debate did show was a stark contrast in the way both men approach leadership. 

In his closing argument Biden pledged to try to unify the country. trump, on the other hand, attacked Biden. 

Personally, what I remember most from the debate last night was this doozy from Mr. trump.

“President Donald Trump seemed poised to take responsibility for his failure on Covid-19 at Thursday’s presidential debate — and then he didn’t.

“I take full responsibility,” Trump said. He immediately continued: “It’s not my fault that it came here. It’s China’s fault.”’

Typical Donald trump.  

Oh, and the Eagles won, so the night wasn’t a total loss.


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