Carmi Soul Food: A taste of home in every bite

Carmi Soul Food
1825 E. Carson Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
(412) 231-0100

Carmi Express
1219 Federal St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
(412) 307-9700


Award-winning Carmi Soul Food is the only locally owned soul food restaurant that features a casual dining experience and libations.

What started out as an unofficial catering service for friends quickly grew into a business within two years.

“Our first few jobs were free,” says owner, Carleen King. We were going to friends that had businesses and handing out tastings along with our card.”

Since then, the business has blossomed, and King now runs two locations with her husband, Michael. Now in operation for nearly ten years, Carmi boasts classic menu staples such as fried chicken (voted best fried chicken in Western Pennsylvania), shrimp and grits, and signature sides of mixed greens, macaroni and cheese, and candied yams. All of which keep loyal customers coming back.

“Our slogan is every bite tastes like home, and we really try our best to achieve that,” says King.

Under normal operation, a dining experience features a soundtrack of jazz, gospel, or even live music. However, due to COVID-19, the restaurant, and its sister location, Carmi Express, where customers can get the same excellent food experience fast, are currently take-out only.

Further adjusting to the times we’re living in, Carmi Soul Food also now offers virtual cooking classes called Sip & Burns. King says they are a perfect tool for corporations to use as a means of team-building exercises.

But no matter how or where the food is served, King assures customers that they’ll have a fantastic experience.


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