R&R Eyewear Excellence, providing inspired optometry services

1298 Freeport Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
(412) 406-8148
Website: eyewearexcellence.com

R & R Eyewear Excellence owner, Richard L. Hatcher II, was inspired by his grandmother to get into the eye industry.“She got glaucoma when I was younger, and I remember her losing her sight, and it was discouraging. She couldn’t see her family or her loved ones like she wanted to.”

Wanting to spare others that experience, Hatcher set out on a journey. His first professional exposure came in college after shadowing a Black-owned and operated optometry office. That experience solidified Hatcher wanting to establish his own business. From that, R & R Eyewear Excellence was born.Hatcher, a former New Pittsburgh Courier Men of Excellence honoree, prides his business on quality, excellent service and putting his patients’ vision and well-being first.

“I deal with every patient that comes in one on one. Everything is appointment only so I can give every client all of the time they need,” said Hatcher.

“Glasses are my job, but I don’t let that define me. I like to talk with my clients. I have great people that come in. I get more out of talking with my patients. I’m giving them top-notch service, but I look forward to getting to know people and their families.”

When you do business with R & R Eyewear Excellence, they anticipate a long-term relationship. Hatcher recalls patients that came to him as children that he has watched grow, graduate, and thrive. He credits those experiences amongst what he finds most rewarding.



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