Spike Lee tells ‘punk-a**’Jared Kushner to ‘Come to Harlem’

On Friday, filmmaker Spike Lee joined SiriusXM’s “The Joe Madison Show” and called Jared Kushner a “punk ass” for trying to insult Black people in Brooklyn and suggests Senator Susan Collins is on crack after systemic racism comments. The interview was following his “Shop Talk” with the Biden campaign to explain how Donald Trump will do anything to win re-election and why Black men should turn out to reject Trump’s racism and support the Biden/Harris ticket on Election Day.

Filmmaker Spike Lee responds to Jared Kushner saying Black people must not “want to be successful”: “I am so tired of white folks telling us what we need to do. How could this guy, how could this punk-ass say what Black folks need to do? You know, it’s like there wasn’t 400 years of slavery, systematic racism, go on, list, list list list…this guy to say to Black people, that we don’t wanna succeed? Hey, let him come to Brooklyn talking that. Let him come to Harlem talking that mess.”

Filmmaker Spike Lee responds to Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) saying she doesn’t believe systemic racism is a problem in Maine: “Are we seeing another epidemic of crack? *laughter* What are these people—did crack come back or did I miss it? Cause these people, these folks are smoking like—*laughter*—didn’t they hear crack is whack? But they want to bring it back!”


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