Northview Heights residents make demands to improve living conditions

Marcus Reed, president of the Northview Heights Estates Tenant Council, helped organize a march and press conference, Oct. 21, to voice his fellow residents’ concerns and demands.

Marcus Reed, Olivia Bennett

Residents demand a defunding of the complex’s security guards and using the budget to fund a community outreach team. Residents can then be trained to work in the security booths.

Residents want smaller contracts for the property to go to residents, such as street cleaning and painting/cleaning the units. They want the policy that states every adult in the house working and paying rent for one unit to be changed. Residents should have a pool and porch tents, better maintenance of the units, streets and playgrounds, and technical assistance for all resident councils to operate as a functioning 501 c-3 organization.

Reed said that there should also be larger units built at Northview, along with apartment buildings with storefronts for resident businesses.

Reed said that he’s met with Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh executives, with “little to no results or improvement to the living conditions” of the residents of Northview Heights Estates.


Dee Robinson

LeAnna Williams, among those demanding improvements to Northview Heights Estates, during a march, Oct. 21. (Photos by Courier photographer J.L. Martello)

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