EXTRA: 50 Cent clears the air on supporting Donald Trump

From music maker to TV mogul: Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is back with Season 2 of his hit series “For Life.”

50 talked with “Extra’s” Billy Bush, breaking down what really happened when he made headlines before the election by joking that if Biden won, his tax plan would turn 50 Cent into “20cent.”

Billy asked, “Was that support for Trump, and then was it revoked? Did you ever actually support Trump, or were you just mixing things up, getting people stirred up like you do?”

50 smiled and replied, “I turned down a million dollars to go to the inauguration [in 2017] — why would I just switch gears now?”

50’s ex-girlfriend, Chelsea Handler, made it clear she did not like him even implying he was voting for Trump, telling Jimmy Fallon, “I might be willing to go for another spin, if you know what I’m talking about,” joking that she would sleep with 50 again to change his mind.

Billy also reminded 50, “Chelsea said, ‘He’s a black person, so he can’t vote for Donald Trump,’ and everybody thinks that prompted you to revoke your support — but you’re saying it’s not true?”

“That part where she says ‘if he decided to not support Donald Trump, maybe I give him another round’ might have been more influential than that part,” 50 said, laughing.

“Why not another round?” Billy pressed. “You guys seem like an amazing couple… Any chance of that?”

“No,” 50 admitted. “She thinks [Gov. Andrew] Cuomo, Italian guys, Italian hunk, she thinks he’s cool — I think he’s alright.”

Getting a little more serious, 50 said, “Chelsea’s a good friend of mine. Whatever she says is fine with me. I don’t care what she says. A part of her show is almost to be unpredictable, and unpredictability is what makes a comedian.”

“For Life,” 50’s drama about prison reform that is loosely based on Isaac Wright Jr.’s life story, is finally back with new episodes this week. “The second season is about him re-entering society, so we get a chance to see how the trauma of that experience… what it offered him and why he responds the way he responds,” 50 teased.

“Later, the show develops into, you know, you have seen legal procedural shows… There’s no limitations to how far the show goes.”

Watch “For Life” on ABC November 18

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