Cider Stand for Good

PA Cyber is proud of first grader, Julian Nahas. Bothered by the unrest he has witnessed on television, young Julian, with the help and support of his family, used his energy and big heart to bring together his community and the police. Julian and his family created a neighborhood Cider Stand in front of his home in Monessen, PA.

Of course, he made sure everyone took appropriate social distancing precautions as they sold cider, snacks, and sweets all to benefit the Monessen Police Department.

“So many have been inspired by Julian’s love for people and our community! He’s truly been a blessing and his huge heart is incredible! The people who came were so happy to be giving to this cause. Some even refused the food and drinks because they just simply came to show support and donate!” said Julian’s mom Arley. Congratulations to young Julian for raising nearly $2000 in donations for his local police department. Julian and his family demonstrated their sincere desire to create a culture of change, inclusion, love, respect and support.

In concert with dedicated parents like Arley Nahas, PA Cyber has helped tens of thousands of young minds realize their potential over the past two decades of operation.

Twenty years of innovation. Twenty years of commitment. Twenty years of education. PA Cyber celebrates its 20th Anniversary by showcasing great students like Julian. Visit to learn more about cyber education.



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