Environmental Charter School builds personal connections

The Environmental Charter School is a tuition-free K-9 charter school in Pittsburgh’s East End. ECS combines the academic rigor of the best public schools with a multi-disciplinary, “out-the-door” learning approach rooted in real-world problems that build active, engaged, and empathetic citizens. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit our community, ECS was one of the first schools in Western Pennsylvania to launch a virtual program. Since then, ECS has worked with our families to understand their individual needs and provide support in those areas. From safely distributing academic kits to hosting socially distanced events, ECS is dedicated to building personal connections with our community and families that unite and bring us together even during unprecedented times.

ECS recognized the need for in-person learning options, and to develop a humanized school reopening plan with tactics revolving around culturally responsive teaching, sustainability, and equity in education, a Pandemic Committee consisting of cross-departmental groups within the organization as well as parents and caregivers was formed. 

After careful consideration, a staggered reopening plan was created keeping in mind the possibility of increased spread and the need to revert back to virtual learning at any time.
Interested in learning if ECS is the right fit for your child? Check out our virtual tours, attend an open house, or schedule a drop-in meeting with ECS principals and staff to learn more. Log on to ecspgh.org to apply today!   




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