DEATH OF A NATION…Poetry by Cynthia Ackron Baldwin

The bullets seared into skin and bone,
But those weapons did not kill people alone.
They reached their target and kept exploding
The person who was firing kept reloading
His weapons and his hate-filled mind
Fueled by angry words spewed from hell
They’re not as good as you are, we must tell
You have white skin; theirs is brown, yellow, black
We whites have to fight to get our nation back
If education was not already dead,
You would know that what you said
Is false, is wrong, is an outright lie,
The truth rings from the trees, the rocks and the sky.
This land made by God on which red men thrived
Was stolen by the white man and they connived
To convince us all they discovered it.
But that’s not true, the land wasn’t lost
White men wanted it at any cost.
Although we are sisters and brothers, they do not care
This land that we all boated to, they will not share.
So they kill us with their tongues and guns,
Believing this is their land that they had begun.
But by shooting their sisters and brothers dead,
It is the soul of this nation that is dying instead.


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