In Touch Consulting Helps Cleanse Your Soul

524 Ogden Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15221
Phone: (412) 353-9761

In Touch Consulting, L.L.C. was founded in 2019 to support and guide individuals or companies in growth in four key areas: Program Development, Project Development, Training, and the W.A.S.H. (Withstand All Strife to Heal) Project. The company also offers organizational wellness assessments through a series of interviews with a client’s staff and leadership to determine areas of opportunity.

Founder Maisha Howze created In Touch Consulting out of frustration from her personal experience dealing with other firms.

“Often, when working with other companies, I didn’t feel as though their heart was in the work, or that they got to know me,” said Howze.

“For me, I know that the work I do with people is heart-work in getting to know the person so we can get the best result for them. My mission is to see people healthy and whole. In everything I do, I want to see the people I work with become complete and be well-rounded,” said Howze.

Howze’s signature W.A.S.H. workshop series uses her book, W.A.S.H.: Time To Do YOUR Laundry, as a tool. For six to eight weeks, participants cycle through personal journeys to elevate wellness. She metaphorically uses laundry for clients to better process how to cleanse themselves of issues they have encountered.

“We have so much inside of us, and that can start to spill out. You have to sort through your issues before cleansing, just like sorting laundry,” said Howze.

She says dealing with internal limitations in a nontraditional way is not anything to fear.

“People are struggling with mental illness, and don’t really understand how to move forward and maybe don’t want to go into the traditional clinical setting…I’m prepping people to think about their past, things they’ve dealt with, and how to move forward.”

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