Kabeyia & Kompany Put in the Time to Protect Your Bottom Line

302 1/2 N Craig Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
(412) 621-9100

Kabeyia Jones had a love for small business owners long before she became one herself.

“I’ve always felt like I could help small businesses. They have the same needs as larger corporations, usually with less resources,” said Jones.

After being laid off from a job, Jones established Kabeyia & Kompany, LLC, which offers a full line of professional services specializing in accounting and business administration. Since
opening Jones has not looked back.

“Things spread by word of mouth, the business took on a life of its own,” said Jones. “I’ve never really had to advertise. Every client that I’ve ever had is from word of mouth or referral.”

Kabeyia & Kompany provides a broad range of industry-leading solutions, focusing on bookkeeping, payroll, tax preparation, human resources, and business administration, all of which were in high demand as the pandemic set in.

As COVID-19 hit and businesses were scrambling to apply for loans, Jones helped clients pull their data together so they could look good in the eyes of the Small Business Administration (SBA) or any other lender. As a small business owner herself, Jones empathizes with her clients and does not let normal business hours get in the way of providing excellent service.

“For me, when I walk in the door, I don’t have an off time. I leave when I’m satisfied with the level of work that I have done for the day. I take pride in delivering superior service to my clients,” said Jones. “I’m their back office. I’m their source of support, and I may have office hours on the door, but that doesn’t mean that’s when I leave.”

Jones admits at other jobs, she would watch the clock and have a hard stop at the end of the day. At her office now, there is not even a clock posted in her workspace. Her current work is her passion, and there is not a time limit on fulfilling passions.


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