Natural Expressions Beauty Wants to Help You Love Your Reflection

531 Greenfield Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15207
Phone: (412) 918-9743

In an era of unattainable images of beauty in print, online, and through television, Alexus Young seeks to strengthen what you see in the mirror, not completely alter it. Young is the owner of Natural Expressions Beauty, which offers an all-around beauty experience. She was intentional in naming her business.

“Yes, you’re getting these beauty services, but it’s not supposed to make us feel like we are not pretty ourselves. It’s supposed to just enhance our natural beauty…I didn’t want people to feel like they’re pretty just because they are getting services,” said Young.

Natural Expressions Beauty has a variety of services, including makeup applications, facials, body treatments, and more. They are best known for their signature experience, customized lash extensions and brow microshading.

Young is currently working on her nursing license to expand services. Young is quick to point out that when you come to Natural Expressions Beauty, you are getting more than just a beauty treatment.

“I call myself a beauty therapist instead of like a lash artist or an esthetician because I feel like we provide more than just a service. We get a lot of people that come and say it feels kind of like therapy,” said Young. “Not only do they get the services that they want, but we make sure they feel good inside and out.”

Young has been very understanding of the hardships this year has brought and has started partnerships to assist clients with splitting up payments. While some may view her services as nonessential, she knows the importance of beauty upkeep as a means of self-care.

“It’s like the one thing you do for yourself out of the week or every two weeks. People really need that,” said Young.

So as the holiday season approaches, and the year winds down, you deserve to rediscover your natural beauty.

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