Once again, Democrats are off to the racists

by Raynard Jackson

Once again the Democrat Party has shown what they think about the Black community in general and Black Democrats specifically. 

Because of their sheer incompetence, the Republican Party and the conservative movement have allowed us to be painted as racists; in reality, it’s the radical left Democrat Party who are the real racists! 

This recent presidential election once again provides another opportunity to prove how racist the Democrats are towards the Black community and how the Republican Party and the conservative movement has yet another opportunity to build stronger bonds with the Black community! 

I was once told by a prominent Democrat, “The number one rule of politics is that you reward your friends and punish your enemies.” 

So, what is the first decision Sen. Harris makes as Biden’s VP running mate?  She chooses an extreme radical homosexual, Karine Jean-Pierre, as her chief of staff. 


Are you kidding me?  Black women saved Biden’s hide during the primary and you reward the homosexual community?   

Jean-Pierre is an immigrant of Haitian descent who is a naturalized citizen; but again, it was native Black women who pressured Biden and his team to put Harris on the ticket! 

Most Blacks do not support the homosexual agenda.  Don’t believe all the bogus polls you read to the contrary.  Media appointed supposed Black leaders like Al Sharpton (The National Action Network), Marc Morial (The National Urban League), Derrick Johnson (NAACP)  have sold out the Black community on this issue, but the rank and file within our community is vehemently against their agenda. 

During his victory speech last month, Biden said, “those moments when this campaign was at its lowest ebb, the African American community stood up again for me…You’ve always had my back, and Ill have yours.” 

Biden has repeatedly stated a few of the things he will do on his first day in the White House:   

Restore transgender students’ rights, make DACA permanent, end the “Muslim ban,” eliminate restrictions on union workers to name a few.   

 Isn’t it amazing that everyone credits the Black vote with salvaging Biden’s campaign, but when Blacks ask for something specific, the Democrats default position is always, “I am not president of Black America, I am president of all of America? 

Oh, but it’s OK to do something specific for homosexuals, illegals, Muslims, unionsetc., but just not Blacks. 

Jim Clyburn, the House Majority Whip, is one of the most influential and respected members of Congress.  Why is he being forced to beg and grovel for some of his people to be appointed to Biden’s cabinet?  He wanted Ohio Congressman Marcia Fudge for Agriculture Secretary; but she was given the designated “Black” cabinet position of Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). 

Democrats are constantly disrespecting Clyburn and Blacks continue to allow them to get away with it.   

There was not one mention of Clyburn’s treatment when these bougie Black folks met with Biden last week.  They obsessed about “social justice,” whatever the hell that is! 

Biden chose to resurrect an old White male to fill the position at Agriculture, Tom Vilsack.  Vilsack is the former governor of Iowa and two-term secretary of said agency. 

It’s interesting to note that after Vilsacks nomination by Biden, his Wikipedia page was cleansed of any reference to the Shirley Sherrod incident. 

Sherrod, a Black woman, was falsely accused and fired from HUD after an altered video tape seemed to show her discriminating against a white farmer.  She was never given due process and was fired the same day only to have Vilsack issue an apology and asked her to rejoin HUD.  She declined.  

Civil entitlements leaders vociferously complained and objected to Biden’s choice of Vilsack during the meeting with him and Sen. Harris last week; but they were quickly and derisively dismissed.   

Blacks continue to be the largest voting block of support in the Democrat Party; yet are relegated to begging for crumbs.  This is the personification of racism.  

To the Republican Party and the conservative movement, Blacks are still waiting for you to give them a reason to join forces.  We don’t need to be persuaded, we simply need to be asked and shown that you are interested in SUBSTANTIVE engagement.  No more Diamond & Silk or Candace Owens.   

Blacks are not here to entertain you!  The sooner the party and conservatives realizes this, the more open Blacks will be to them! 

(Raynard Jackson is a Pulitzer Award nominated columnist and founder and chairman of Black Americans for a Better Future (BAFBF). For more information about BAFBF, visit www.bafbf.org.)

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