Guest Editorial: Permanently out to pasture

Trump often derided now President-elect Biden as “Sleepy Joe.” Well, how about “Silent Don” for Trump, who only after Attorney General Barr rejected his plea to change the election results did he temporarily set aside his sulking to respond.

Basically, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage across the globe and devastates the U.S., Trump has been hunkered down in the White House with few comments about the nation’s critical condition or the need for financial, medical or emotional relief.

He has been even more silent than President Calvin Coolidge with little to say about the economic or the virus epidemic, though he did comment on the recent cyberattack, believing it was more mischief from China than Russia.

We are disturbed to learn that come Jan. 6 when Congress meets to put the final vote on the presidential election that Trump has yet another arrow in his venomous quiver. That plan, which is being hatched with several GOP lawmakers, will be no more than a futile gesture to change the results, and nothing more than Trump’s way of keeping things topsy-turvy.

With millions in his presumptive war chest for a rerun in 2024, all of Trump’s moves over the remaining days in office—and beyond—will be done to keep his name in the news, his base on alert, and his donors ready to contribute to his campaign.

Trump’s final days in office will be as ineffective as the previous years, and we can count on another lethal dose of his malevolence, his destruction of the democratic process, and no doubt another chip from the Obama legacy.

It is so absolutely distressing to expend so much time here on the reactionary, incompetent reign of an egomaniac when we could have been celebrating the decisions of a more accomplished leader.

But, alas, we are near the end of what we hope is the final curtain on Trump’s political odyssey

And though his days in office may be over, there is still the residue of his menace that has to be swept away, more of his destruction to repair. But that’s a small task compared to the day-to-day combat we faced during his tenure. Let’s hope we have put him permanently out to pasture where he belongs.

(Reprinted from the NY Amsterdam News)


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