Guest Editorial: Trepidatious transfer of power in America

The United States is currently in the throes of an incredible scenario, a slippery slope that is totally unexpected and makes scant sense. Actually, unless you have peanuts for brains, it would make sense to live in such a way that we would live cooperatively. But that’s not what is happening.

The January 6 attacks on the Congressional Electoral College proceedings were beyond ridiculous. Incredibly, it is slowly coming out that the mobs were actually targeting members of Congress for the purpose of killing them!

Vice President Mike Pence would have been a casualty if they had been able to find him, and Nancy Pelosi was also a target. Five people were ultimately killed during the melees, and it is a miracle that more people were not killed.

Now, the unthinkable has happened…State Capitals all around the country were on high alert because they anticipated violence connected with President–Elect Joe Biden’s January 20 inauguration.

Thousands of National Guard troops were also deployed, and the country braced for high drama. Fortunately, the inaugural ceremony was conducted without any violence, and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were successfully sworn in as the new President and Vice President of the United States.

The most ridiculous thing about this current debacle in which we find ourselves—a divided nation—is that we are all in this together…there is nowhere for Americans to go… this is our home.

To think that only one group should be allowed to live here is ludicrous. The situation is so dire that the rumor is that members of Congress held tours of the building so that the interlopers would know where to find offices and other locations so as to harm their colleagues. Unbelievably, a scaffold was erected to “hang” Mike Pence.

What we are experiencing is a very real breakdown of society being fueled by fake news and hatred. It is as though people have taken leave of their senses; they cannot think straight. They are actually set on destroying the Republic in order to satisfy their own selfish ends.

Now, where does this leave African Americans? There is no doubt that the outgoing President bears a great deal of the responsibility for what has happened, and it’s no secret that he does not harbor a great deal of love for Black people. This might be why he has not created viable strategies to offset the spread of COVID-19, which seems to be disproportionately lethal in the Black community.
What all of this means is basically this: Black people must take matters into their own hands in order to ensure our own safety. Black people must lay aside their suspicions of each other and make sure that our mutual safety is assured.

Now, what this does NOT mean is that Black people paint every White person with the same brush. White supremacists are driving these actions wherein they are trying to tear the country apart from within. But there are a whole lot of others who are not on the same page in that regard. They are as American as the insurrectionists are “Un-American,” and we mustn’t forget this fact.
We are in the midst of a very interesting confluence of events.

Trump is getting ready to face his second impeachment trial; Biden and Harris took their oaths in an unprecedented ceremony, under the protection of national guardsmen everywhere; the country is on a lockdown that will soon enter year two; a vicious pandemic is raging—with new strains on the horizon—and hatred is proliferating like it is going out of style.

Moreover, some GOP congressmen are said to be paralyzed by fear if they vote to impeach President Trump, so even if Trump is impeached by his senatorial colleagues, the country is still not out of the woods! Remember, Trump has not conceded the presidency; he still insists that he won the election! UNBELIEVABLE!

So yes, these are tempestuous times that we are in. Make no mistake about this.
And because of this, it is important that we each do whatever we can to offset the shenanigans. We want to ensure that there is a world left for us to inhabit when the smoke clears, and if we play into the hatred and bigotry, there is no guarantee that there will be something left for us to inhabit!

A Biden presidency does not guarantee that he will be able to heal America singlehandedly. It’s going to take all hands on deck to fix what ails us. And it won’t happen overnight! 

(Reprinted from the Chicago Crusader)


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