Dreamz Hair Salon Makes Beautiful Hair a Reality for All

216 East 7th Ave.

Homestead, PA 15120

Phone: 412-462-4800

Email: dreamzhairsalon@icloud.com

Website: https://www.dreamzhairsalon.com/

At the age of 9, Tenel Dorsey started doing hair and went into business for herself at 22. She has not looked back since.

Since 2003, Dreamz Hair Salon has worked diligently to provide quality hair, and barbering services to the community. As owner and a Pittsburgh native Dorsey prides herself on the unique experience her shop provides.

“The goal was to create an atmosphere that was extremely free…a free space,” said Dorsey.

Her free space is inclusive to men and women. Unlike most salons, Dreamz Hair Salon services hair care needs for all including barber cuts, weaving, locs, natural hair, and extensions. Dorsey says the interaction in her shop between sexes is apart of the salon’s DNA.

“Something about that helps it. I’ve grown to realize it really does. I love it.”

She entrusts her staff with maintaining the positive environment Dreamz Hair Salon provides.

“I don’t hire anybody. I hire people who can effectively take care of clients,” said Dorsey. “I feel like what we have is more of a ministry in a way. Everyone doesn’t come lay their problems out, but the majority do, so we are equipped to handle them and make sure they leave feeling amazing.”

Dorsey specializes in hair replacement for people who have experienced hair loss due to cancer, lupus, or other health issues. She goes the extra mile to assure client comfort.

“I even have an office downtown where I take clients that don’t want to come into the salon. I had to broaden my reach for people that just want privacy and intimacy…I’m just happy to be a solution.”

After interacting with clients experiencing hair loss for over a decade, Dorsey was inspired to provide a new solution and recently launched her own line of hair care products, Dreamz Hair Restoration.

“I came up with a shampoo, conditioner, and a serum. The serum is really the magic. Of course, there’s work that people have to put into it along with using the product…but it’s just amazing.”

Dreamz Hair Salon also provides hair units, bundles, and custom hair bonnets.


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