Field Negro: Newsworthy

These last few days have been certainly very interesting in terms of news.

First, I will start with the trial of Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin. 

I honestly can’t write too much about this, because I have to say that whenever I see those images and videos being played out of that horrific day,  I get angry and sad all over again. I spend a lot of time in courtrooms, and I am always curios to see how other trial lawyers operate, but not this time. It’s very hard to just step back and view this case objectively, and so I won’t even try. 

I will say this, though, if someone says that they know how this verdict will come down they are lying to you and to themselves. As is always the case with these types of high profile jury cases, we just don’t know. 

Second, there is the Matt Gaetz federal investigation. (That’s Matt in the picture. You can’t miss him.) It seems that Matt has gotten himself in some trouble, and now he might have to face the music. If what is alleged is true, a lot of people will say that they are not surprised. Matt has quite a spotty record when it comes to these types of activities, and the friends he keeps (including the former president) doesn’t help his credibility when it comes to this issue. 

And If Matt actually has a lawyer, this might be a good time to remind his client that he has a 5th Amendment right to keep his mouth shut. Matt has been doing a lot of talking since this all came down, and needless to say he is not helping his case. 

  “Gaetz has denied any allegations of wrongdoing and claimed that he was the target of an extortion attempt following a Tuesday New York Times report that said Gaetz is currently the subject of a federal sex trafficking investigation involving a then-17-year-old girl.  

Gaetz told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that his family had notified the FBI about the alleged extortion, naming McGee as being behind it. Gaetz said his father had worn a wire during a meeting as part of an investigation of the extortion claim, and that he believes the Times story had been leaked in order to thwart that investigation”

What a mess. 

Finally, there is the story of Major and Champ. These poor guys have been under scrutiny since they left their cozy home in Delaware for the craziness and fishbowl that is Washington. 

“President Biden’s dogs Major and Champ are back in the news. And the coverage of the presidential pooches is generating some strong reactions — with some people arguing that the canine behavior isn’t newsworthy at all.

To be sure, Biden’s infrastructure plans are certainly the more important story emanating from the White House this week. But the Biden’s-best-friend news is revealing in its own way. First there were those biting incidents. Then on Wednesday there was an instance of “dog poo on the floor,” which was dutifully (doo-doo-tifully?) reported by the White House press pool.

Reactions to the doggie coverage have run the gamut, showcasing the many feelings and gripes and questions people have about the American news media.”

This is crazy! They are dogs! What do people expect?  

I know one thing, they better not even think about putting them down. I know how Americans feel about their pets (especially their dogs), and if the president were to make such a mistake he would have a hard time getting back to 50% approval ratings. 

The former guy didn’t even have a dog, and the American press should have made that a much bigger issue than the way they are scrutinizing the behavior of Major and Champ. 

But hey, I guess when you have a boring president who does every thing in a normal way, you have to find something to write about.


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